Monday, November 23, 2009

My Version of Turkey Trot

First you get up early, have a hearty breakfast, put on your running shoes, and get your grocery ads, coupons and GO!

First stop, Wally World. Swanson chicken broth .45¢ a can, grab 12 cans total $5.4. Next, Green Giant vegetables corn and beans. 50¢ a can, grab another 12 cans $6.00. The great deer/pig hunter wants Ham. So what if we have 2 pigs worth of meat in the freezer we want spiral cut grocery store ham! Wally World has the cheapest per pound – grabbed a BIG one! OK, so it’s not a turkey, but the ham will be eaten on Turkey Day.

Second stop, Albe’s. If you buy $20 worth of groceries you get a turkey for .33¢ a pound! OK, so here I get soda’s, Diet Mt. Dew – 4 twelve packs for $10. Find the frozen veggies – 10/$10 - met the $20 mark and now we get a 20lb Turkey for .33¢ a pound and away we go!

Third stop, Kroger! Kroger has really good fresh veggies and a turkey for .33¢ pound if you buy $20 worth of groceries . . . I buy onion, celery, potatoes, mushrooms, apples, bananas and for good measure I throw in a roast for when the ham and turkey gets to be too much. Get another 20 lb turkey for .33¢ a lb!

Final stop, Tom Thumb to finish up Thanksgiving Dinner shopping. Well, when you spend $25 here you get turkey for .33¢ a pound. Who says there’s no price fixing? Get all the rest of ingredients for a little more than $25 and don’t forget the turkey! Another 20 pounder.

Get home – forgot the freezer door is blocked by a wet vac, a compressor and 3,000 sheets of plywood – thinking how in the world am I going to get all these turkeys in the freezer! Thank goodness I have a wonderful daughter that lives about 1.7 miles from the house. As she pulls up, she is laughing at her mom standing in the garage surrounded by turkeys! Get it?!?! We move the compressor, the vacuum and then start to wiggle the plywood far enough to the side to get the door open just wide enough to stuff those birds in.

The birds are in, the groceries are put away and dog-gone-it, the real “Turkey Trotters” may run a mile or two but I’ve covered 4 grocery stores in 5 square miles, moved 3,000 pieces of plywood and I have 1 ham, 3 turkeys and all the fixin's for Thanksgiving Dinnerto show for it. The real “Turkey Trotters” just have sore muscles! I think I like my Turkey Trot better!