Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Shopping Fun!

I was doing last minute Christmas shopping and headed down to Fogo de Chao to get a gift certificate. I was doing a no-no, talking on my cell while going down I35, and I missed my exit. Since we are working on updating our kitchen, I thought I would stop by Fabric Factory, because I don't get down there that often. On my excursion, I had brought a blue bag to put all the gift cards in that I was accumulating.

Got out of the car with the blue bag and my handbag, open the trunk, throw the blue bag in the trunk to keep it safe. A nano second before the truck closed, I realized I had the blue bag on my shoulder and can you guess the rest? My handbag, keys, cell phone, wallet and all my other worldly treasures were locked in the trunk! Yes, I am 22.1 miles and 29 minutes (40 minutes IF there is traffic - Galleria, 2 days before Christmas, no IFs here) ...just a little ways from another set of keys.

I go into Fabric Factory hanging my head like a dog that just lost his bone, and ask to use the phone, hoping that I get an answer on the other end of the line. My wonderful, loving husband answered and as I stumble through the story, thinking he is going to explode, he is fantastically unfazed by the new task that has been added to his busy day!

Thirty-five minutes later, my worldly treasures have been rescued from the dark and cavernous trunk!
Thanks to my knight in shining armor who rescued the day!
And thank you to all the great people at Fabric Factory that let me sit on a beautifully upholstered couch!  Rest assured that I will be back for my fabric on a less stressful day!
You can visit Fabric Factory at