Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hunting REALLY?

Being the wife of an avid deer, dove, turkey, anything that moves hunter, I have a very important question. How many duffle bags of gear does it take to shoot a deer, dove, turkey or anything that moves? Being the naive wife of a hunting fanatic, silly me thought that it only took 1 rifle and 1 bullet and maybe some Camouflage (that's the clothing that makes you invisible) i.e., Camo.

Wake up and smell the doe pee! To put down a deer, dove, turkey, anything that moves, it takes much more than 1 rifle and 1 bullet.

It takes several rifles, not sure of the all the designations of each (I think one is a 30.6 - "thirty ought six") but they are all very important. Soooo, it is only logical that if you have several rifles, you will need excess amounts of bullets (also known as ammo).

I was aware that he had a "couple" of extra large duffle bags - but not SEVEN, yes SEVEN - bulging at the seams. Not sure what all is in them, not sure I want to know.

I grew up with a brother that hunted. He would walk out to the deer blind (No the deer aren't blind. That's what they call the place where they hide from the deer so they can shoot them.) He would have a beer in one hand and a cigarette in another. BOOM! Deer down!

So does the hubby REALLY need more than one rifle, one bullet and REALLY SEVEN duffle bags of STUFF? Can anyone explain this to me?

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