Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm No Martha Stewart Beef Stew

I haven't made Beef Stew in a a month of Sundays, but with all this  icy, below freezing, snowy weather in North Texas, did I mention icy, it sounded like it would hit the spot!

Remember I don't have a sou chef or a clean up crew and I am not Martha Stewart!

The big pot is for the final product.  I took the cubed up beef and put it into a baggie with flour, salt and pepper and browned it . . .

in the frying pan with a little oil.

Ooops!  One for the doggies!  Don't worry, rinsed it off and just  like you have seen dogs eat worse things!  OOHHH!  Bad visual! 

I add the browned meat to the big pot with 1 can of Progresso French Onion Soup, 2 can of Campbell's Beef Consume and a couple of cans of water. 

I also add my carrots.  I like them almost mushy, but not falling apart.  Yes, they are out of a bag and already peeled, I just cut them in half.

I let the beef and carrots simmer for about 45 minutes.  Next were the spices;  garlic, 4 bay leaves, and pepper.  Be sure and take the bay leaves out before you serve.  Someone (hubby) may think you are trying to kill him, as they are poison if you eat them...but bring a really good taste to the stew. . .go figure! Correction - from my sweet mother-in-law - it is Bay Laurel that is poison, not Bay Leaves!  Even at 50+ you can learn something new!

I know, I know the spices aren't fresh.  Once again I am not Martha Stewart or for that matter, any Stewart!  Next come the potatoes.....I cut them in quarters and left the skins on, because the "butter gold" potatoes have thin skin and they don't come off like the bigger baking potatoes that some people use.  Anytime I use baking potatoes my sou chef (me) peels off the skin.

Cook some more until potatoes are fork tender.  Open two cans of green beans, sorry not off the vine!

The beans just need to warm up, not cook!  And that is how you make I'm No Martha Stewart Beef Stew!  But I do have to give credit to my dear Nana and her patience in teaching me how to make a wonderful beef stew!

Remember I don't have a sou chef or a crew to clean up . . .

But I do have a wonderful husband that can't believe that I can make this big of a mess! 
And doesn't mind cleaning up after his person Martha Stewart!


  1. Hey Martha -- there is this new product called Bag holder lady or something like that. Looks perfect for you. And she wants reviewers I'll send you her info --- hugs ! the real Martha Stewart :)

  2. I hope this thawed things out a bit for you all. Sounds like a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it w/ the hearth and soul hop this week...and when you get a moment, could you add a link back to any of the 5 hop hosts (in the post) so that others can find it and share in the foodie fun? Thanks so much! =)

  3. I am no Martha Stewart - I have a sign in my kitchen that says "I am not Martha Stewart so ADJUST!" LOL I love beef stew - thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!