Monday, March 21, 2011

Dogs - One Too Many Tonite!

Hill's Science DietI am the proud owner of a beautiful Great Dane/Black Lab mix. . . and I have a grand-dog, Elvis, the evil weeny dog.  
My adventure this evening.  I let the dogs out when I got home and when I let them in, but I smelled poop!  So I smell Nitro's coat, no poop there. . . but then I gingerly picked up Elvis and WOW!!! I thought I was going to gag!   So I put Elivis in the sink and gave him a bath.
Wait . . It gets better . . as I am giving him a bath, I get to pull a 6" piece of grass out of his rear-end! I thought I was going to die right on the spot wet dog and all!
I am thinking I would rather have grand KIDS, you can hand them back to their parents.

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1 comment:

  1. ROTFLMAO!!! That is soooooo funny... What is funnier is that Elvis is my dog and must have left your house just in the nick of time tonight!