Monday, April 25, 2011

Administrative Professionals Week is April 24th – 30th

Come along with me for a week of
Administrative Professional Stories
After spending the last ?? years (you really didn’t think I would tell you) as an Executive/Personal Assistant, I have received some great stuff for Administrative Professional Week. It used to be called Secretary’s Day; yes I have been around that long!
I have received all the usually fare, flowers, gift cards, Godiva Chocolates. In a lot of cases, I was the one that picked out the gift and made sure that all the admin’s in the office were covered. Yes, I always made sure that the gift was something that I liked . . . did you expect anything different! Please. . .
I worked as an Executive Assistant for a great guy for 8 years, who has since passed, way too young. Rest in peace, John. He NEVER got mad at me, but just once, he did and it was bad. We had special guests coming in from out of town and I was never told that they were to be in our office at 9 am; therefore, he did not know. Once they got in the office and were settled in the conference room, he closed his office door and read me the riot act. Come to find out, the visitor’s admin had not called to inform me that they would be in the morning. The last we heard was the appointment was at 2 pm, so I had planned to call her that morning to confirm the time, but didn’t get a chance.
Well, once the meeting was over and everything was sorted out, and since it was Administrative Professionals Week – I got a $500 bonus . . . I am thinking it was just a little out of guilt! We never once had a cross words again!

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