Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Administrative Professionals Week is April 24th – 30th

Come along with me for a week of
Administrative Professional Stories
   Once again, a, “You have got to be kidding!” story! Once again, Bob was my boss. You have to remember that this was the 1980’s, when we were secretaries and no one knew what a sexual harassment law was!
   Bob had a friend that was turning 40 and he wanted to make sure he didn’t forget his 40th birthday. Bob had an idea (again). Have a party, buy lots of liquor, find 40 black roses, a black Rolls Royce and, of course, the obligatory plastic blowup doll! Guess who was in charge of this affair (again) Moi!   
   Bob had a dealership friend that just so happen to have a 1960’ish black Rolls Royce. My connections helped me get the black roses. What to do about plastic blow up doll? Visualize this: A 5 foot tall blonde behind the extra large steering wheel, of this very conspicuous big black Rolls Royce. With gallons of liquor in the trunk and the black roses on the passenger’s seat . . .get ready.
   I am now at a filling station, using the air hose, remember when they used to be between the gas pumps . . . In the backseat, I have the “doll” blowing it up and trying to make sure no one sees me! Thank goodness I had my raincoat with me to cover up the “doll.”
   So here I go driving down the street, looking like Cruella d’Ville, except I don’t have puppies to hide, I have a blow up doll to deliver!


  1. Yes that is a "cruella" visual!

  2. I've thoroughly enjoyed your stories this week especially the two about Bob. Those were the days, huh?

  3. Yes, m'am those were the days! If I can find the picture of his 40th birthday, I am gonna post it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  4. That would be great. You were/are sooo creative and always loads of fun.