Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked?

Weekends are wonderful times in the spring. The windows are open and the cool breeze makes for wonderful sleeping weather . . .NOT!

Saturday morning, Ronnie slips out of bed grabs Nitro and his bed and closes the bedroom door - Ahhh . . . I can sleep all morning if I want . . .NOT! Tweet-Tweet-Tweet...... Tweet-Tweet-Tweet.... Tweet-Tweet-Tweet.... Tweet-Tweet-Tweet. Oh, yea, the birds are waking up to this glorious Saturday morning. Where's the shotgun!

Sunday morning, 3:15 am, whiskers tickle my face. Nitro needs to go out. Ok, I'll be back in bed asleep in about 5 minutes, no problem.

Sunday 4:40 am repeat above. But this time I let the Elvis out with Nitro and went back to bed without letting them in. Ahhh, back to sleep with no other interruptions . . .NOT!

Sunday 7:49 am . . . RING, RING, RING! Text message. Jaclyn is texting, "R u up?" Guess what, I am now!

No Rest for the Wicked!

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