Monday, April 26, 2010

Make Your Opinion Count!

Last month I was emailed an available study from Schlesinger Associates and was selected to participate in an hour long study in Dallas. So I took a couple of hours of Paid time off from my regular job and participated. I Made $100 and didn’t lose any of my regular pay from my job! Easy Money. :)

Many of you are already members of Schlesinger Associates or have participated in Market Research studies from them in the past. And if you haven't heard yet, they are making some changes.

Just this month, I was invited to join their new site Inspired Opinions. This is a site dedicated to providing a central spot for people all over the U.S to receive updates on studies. These paid studies can either be in person, online or via telephone.

Previously, Schlesinger Associates had locations in many areas but you need to apply for that specific location’s studies. Now with their new site Inspired Opinions I don’t even have to take Paid Time Off ! I can do it from the comfort of my own living room and so can you!

To get started with Inspired Opinions and Schlesinger Associates just enter your email address below and see how much you can add to your pocket book.

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