Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Lily Summer

Bright Yellow and Ruffles

It's been a day lily summer.  In the Spring several years ago we visited my hubby's parents in Camden, TN.  I love reading those little town papers.  They are really newsy, and fun even if you don't have a clue who they are talking about.  In the ads, I found one for day lilies and it was only about 30 miles away.
When we get to the field.  There are 3 houses and rows upon rows of daylilies!  They were blooming in yellow, pinks, deep red, violet, deep purple everything color under the sun.  And boy do those flowers love the sun.  The girl selling the lilies offered them to us at 2 for $5!  Now if you have every priced them, you are looking at $15 to $20.  I found a great deal!

Dark Red and Happy Orange

Now the inspirational part, as I was picking out the lilies I want she began.  Her grandmother owned the land.  Her and her husband had a floral shop and nursery, until they got too old to run it by themselves.  So began the "Day Lily" project.  She said her grandmother started buying day lilies on-line and her grandfather keep planting.  The rows began to mutiple and get ling and longer until the field was full.  Her grandpa had died the fall before we got there.  Her grandmother had all the day lilies mowed down so she didn't have to fool with them any more.  Well, low and behold when spring started the warming of the earth, the day lilies began to poke their green leaves, and right behind them came these.  Even grandmother was happy and saw it as sign that her husband was watching over them!

Pretty and Pink

Mellow Yellow and Pink Ruffles

And so as the Fall of life comes, we also know that the birth of Spring will follow. 


  1. They are beautiful ! I'm glad to see you blogging again. So, do they come back every year then?

  2. Yes, they do and they multiply! Mine are ready to separate, but you have to do that in the early spring or the late fall. If I ever get out that way again - I'll bring you some....